Autogestión - Miró Foundation Barcelona

16/02/2017 — 21/05/2017

Keith Arnatt, David Bestué, François Curlet, Carla Fernández, Esther Ferrer, Blanca Utrillas Gracia, Gilbert and George, Sílvia Gubern, Jiří Kovanda, Pere Llobera, Laura Porter, Celeste Marí, Christian Jankowski, Pere Llobera, Gustav Metzger, Joan Miró, Mariona Moncunill, Adam Nankervis (Museum Man), Yoko Ono, Henk Peeters ,Cesare Pietroiusti, Joan Hernández Pijuan, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Laura Porter, Marc Vives, Franz West, Elizabeth Wright

Stephan Apicella Hitchcock, Anne Bean, Frank Blum,, Francesca Bertazzoni, Ben Carey,Sico Carlier,Francesca Cho, Mateusz Chorobski, Mitya Churikov, Layla Dangelo, Misha Dare, Paul Darius, Alan Dunn,James Edmonds, Noel Ed De Leon, Peter Fillingham,Thomas Heidtmann,Klaas Hübner, Sarah Johnston, Brigitte Jurack, Elmar Kaiser, Daniel Kupferberg,Roberta Kravitz, Marta Leite, Cyril Lepetit, Peter Lewisi, David Medalla, Paul Meinel, Marita Muukkunen, Adam Nankervis, Anna Orlowski, Alwin Reamillo, Denis Salivanov, Dirk Sorge, St. & St.,Ernst Markus Stein, Ivor Stodolsky, Estela Stokol, Anja Teske, Alma Tischler Wood, Valerie Vivancos

curator: Antonio Ortega

(On the) edges of experience


A project by Marco Trulli (La Ville Ouverte) within OFF (Out Of Fabbrica), Mediterranea 17 Young Artists Biennale' section.
Artists: Simona Di Meo, Marta Leite, Anna Raimondo, Anna White and Fatima Bianchi's participation.
In collaboration with Mare Culturale Urbano and Careof.
Here is elsewhere is a residential project which will take place in Milan in the OFF (Out Of Fabbrica) section of Mediterranea 17. Young Artists Biennale. The invited artists, selected within BJCEM's network, will reflect on the issues about public space's use in the Mediterranean area through debates as well as a direct contact with a specific context: Milan's west area, in which Mare Culturale Urbano is placed. The invited artists Anna Raimondo and Fatima Bianchi, Anna White, Simona Di Meo, Marta Leite will consider public spaces as a favored standpoint to observe, deconstruct and reinvent identity, habits and relationships within it. Here is elsewhere tries to find fragments of “elsewhere” in our public spaces to open contextualization's processes and deep reflections about imaginary places. To inhabit a place is a combination of "intimacy and distance" (F. Arminio) and in the places we live there are some elements that lead us to a universal geography and a far away elsewhere. Here is elsewhere is promoted by La ville ouverte in collaboration with Mare culturale urbano and Careof. The results of the residences will be presented within the official program of Mediterranean 17. Young Artists Bienniale.